Demonology 101

What Is a Demon?

Demons are supernatural beings which embody primordial forces of destruction and chaos which feed off destruction and suffering on the mortal realm.  Though, at times, they can appear friendly and cooperative, at their core, they are malevolent beings, focused only on building their own personal power.

They reside and are generally trapped in The Abyss, one of the supernatural realms, though can reach the mortal realms through various means, generally starting with a mortal performing some ritual of Demon Summoning.  Once a Demon has been summoned to a world, unless the summoner exercised the greatest of caution in binding the Demon, it will usually leave behind means for it to return on its own.  Powerful Demons generally have dozens if not hundreds of gates between The Abyss and the mortal realm at their disposal and are, by and in large, free to roam the mortal realm whenever they desire.

At their core, Demons are incorporeal beings without any sort of physical body directly associated with their being.  They generally (but not always) manifest themselves in terms of some form of physical form even within The Abyss.  These physical forms, known as Aspects, not only provide for something to interact with when working with Demons, but allow the Demons themselves to better focus their thoughts into a sentient state; the Essence of a demon, their core being, is a supernatural force of energy which, in general, needs to form a physical body even to properly turn its desires into coherent thoughts and actions.


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