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7 7  * [[Pit Demons>>doc:.Pit Demons.WebHome]] - These demons belong to a particular Layer of The Pits of The Abyss, and are subject to the command of the ruler of the Layer. If a Layer is overthrown, the fealty of the Pit Demons switches to the new ruler of the Layer.
8 8  * Attendant Demons - These demons belong to an Arch-Demon powerful enough to create and command personal Legions for their own defense. For the most part, only Overlords are able to create and maintain Legions of Attendant Demons, though Unholy Beasts will occasionally create a Legion for their own use. These Legions are usually highly loyal to their owners.
9 9  * Hell Hounds - These demons belong to The Demogorgon and are commanded either by Cerberus, the Cursed Master of Hounds or one of the Knighted Unholy Beasts. They are the guardians of Hell, usually independent of internal battles between the Arch-Demons. They are the only Greater Demons to have free roam between the different sectors of Hell.
10 +** Unchained Demons - In addition to the Hell Hounds which are under the command of either Cerberus or a Beast, there are a small number of Hell Hounds which have no owner; these a generally demons of low power who have not been recruited into any of the Legions. While they are not generally welcome anywhere within Hell, they are usually tolerated, so long as they don't become a nuisance or consume too much of the souls within a layer. Unchained Demons who wish to join a Legion often do so by attacking and killing a member of the Legion; if they succeed, they (almost always) take the place of the demon they killed, and if they fail, they are usually destroyed in the process.
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