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31 31  Gilrandree serves as a Baron of Torment, with 6 Layers of the Pit under his command. While the relationship between Gilrandree and Lord Nhyloghast, Prince of Torment, is reported to be generally unfriendly, Nhyloghast is singularly focused on torture and wishes nothing more than to command the entire pit to itself, thus it is likely Gilrandree could sell its command over those Layers to Nhyloghast to aid in an attack against Violence. That being said, Nhyloghast holds no Layers outside of Torment, so it is unclear what it could offer in return.
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33 33  == Baron of Treachery ==
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35 35  Gilrandree has been closely allied with Lord Odontaspis since The Snake came into power, and the two remain among the closest of allies within Hell. While the 6 Layers it holds within Treachery could certainly be used to aid in its domination of Violence, it is unclear how the trade could happen. While Lord Orcus holds some command over Treachery, the relationship between Orcus and Odontaspis is nowhere near as good as between Orcus and Gilrandree, so it is unlikely Gilrandree would risk its alliance with Odontaspis to allow Orcus' control over Treachery to grow.
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