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89 89  Most of the demons have worked well, the two entities coexisting well in the shared body, though some have grown unable to work together. When such a problem becomes obvious, Gilrandree destroys the demons without hesitation.
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91 +Once every 666 years, Gilrandree travels to some primitive mortal world with the entire collection of all three of his Legions of Brorhtwulf, setting them up on three corners outside a town of usually around 5000 people. The three Legions enter into a full-scale war with each other, descending upon the town as the battleground, the town's population available as food to sustain the demons in battle. Gilrandree watches from his throne room, surrounded by the amulets of the demons in battle; as each demon falls, he consumes their essence, making the battle an actual fight for life among the demons. Once 166 pairs have fallen (and been destroyed), amounting to one out of every six demons, he calls the remaining demons back into Hell to meet the new 166 recruits he had summoned from his priests. In these battles, he eliminates the weakest of the demons, ensuring the force to be among the most deadly among all of the Legions.
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92 92  = The Pit of Slaughter =
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