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65 65  It has served as a demonic commander over dozens of armies which were losing a critical war, almost always resulting in the army ultimately defeating their enemy, and if given appropriate freedom over its command and the ability to maximize the deaths on the other side, once the war is over, it will generally return to Hell without needing to be banished. Of course, once all of the soldiers who fought, knowing they were taking commands from a demon, reach the end of their lives, they will be condemned to Hell and almost certainly sent to Gilrandree for their damnation, only adding to his already huge cache of souls waiting to power his eventual attack on The Pit of Violence.
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67 67  = Power in Hell =
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69 69  While most demons would consider Lord Gilrandree in the second tier of the most powerful Demons, as it has not really been able to establish itself as an Overlord, there are those who believe it is actually far more powerful than it is letting on. The fact that it has a massive cache of unconsumed souls trapped in its throne layer is no secret, though just how large that collection is nobody, outside Gilrandree itself, knows, and it is widely believed it has equally as many if not more scattered around the Layers of The Abyss over which it rules. Ruling over 69 Layers of The Abyss, it still holds the forth most Layers of command, after Overlord Odontaspis (with 78), Overlord Glabrezu (with 77), and Overlord Orcus (with 75). It is only a few Layers away from the point in which most demons consider others as Overlords (74 Layers) and, aside from the three Overlords, almost certainly has a larger wealth of souls in its possession than any other demon. Most demons believe it is just a matter of time before Gilrandree wins over command of the Pit of Violence, especially given how well suited it is to that Pit in its own actions and is, all things considered, far more violent than the actual Prince of Violence.
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71 71  = The Pit of Slaughter =
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77 77  The Pit of Slaughter is Gilrandree's primary home within Hell, and it is a Pit the demon has clearly shaped for itself, in a very traditional style. Throughout all of the Layers of The Pit of Slaughter, the terrain is rocky and rough with large flows of lava throughout. In the Layers ruled by Gilrandree personally, in addition to the Lava, large pools of molten sulfur litter the terrain, every one full of countless condemned souls struggling for freedom from the torturous imprisonment within Gilrandree's pit of Hell. The throne Layer, which Gilrandree maintains in the first layer of Hell (out of all 666) is lacking entirely in lava, replaced entirely with molten sulfur.
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79 79  Gilrandree's throne room is known to be one of the more terrifying of all of the demons; the space is massive, with much of the entire energy of the layer centered on the chamber in which Gilrandree makes its throne, the only other areas existing in the entire Layers being smaller chambers for its consorts, one for the Arch-Priest manticore attending to the demon at the time, and a large circular space surrounding the throne room in which the Layer's Legion of demons stand guard. In the throne room itself, Gilrandree's throne is surrounded by massive pools of molden sulfur, constantly in motion from the tens, if not hundreds of millions of souls trapped within, simply waiting to be consumed by the demon at its leisure. It rests on an actual throne, constructed of human bones, with its seal in glowing runes over its head. The room is lit with the burning flesh of condemned souls being slowly burned out to power the Layer itself.
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83 83  == {{id name="Gharros"/}}Pit Demons of Slaughter ==
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85 85  Residing within the Pit of Slaughter are the Gharros, creatures with a human-like upper torso sitting atop the lower body of a large and deadly scorpion. The flesh of the human form is generally deep black in color with a strong sheen and, upon closer inspection, appears to be closer to a flexible chitin than actual skin. The coloration of the scorpion varies to some degree, with each of the Barons and Wardens of Slaughter having their own coloration of the scorpion tail, Gilrandree's appearing as a brown-tan shade.
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87 87  These creatures have venom which is, without question, the most deadly venom of all demons: it is a rotting agent, the tissue damage very similar to gangrene with a nearly instant onset. If the venom simply contacts the flesh of a human, the tissue will immediately start to rot, often requiring the amputation to offset the damage. If injected into the blood stream, death is almost certain and painful, as the victim's entire body begins to rot under the damage the venom causes. The venom is most focused on humans; while an animal stung is unlikely to survive, the damage is far worse with humans than any other species. Demons are, in general, not immune to the venom of the Gharros, though two Gharros answering to the same Arch-Demon generally are immune to each others' venom.
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