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81 81  Virtually always in attendance with the demon are a single female human whose soul was sacrificed to him as a consort (and who generally slowly becomes more and more corrupt in his presence, eventually becoming something which basically amounts to a Sub-Demon) and a mortal Arch-Priest manticore doing its tour of Hell in support of the demon it worships.
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83 -== Pit Demons of Slaughter ==
83 +== {{id name="Gharros"/}}Pit Demons of Slaughter ==
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85 85  Residing within the Pit of Slaughter are the Gharros, creatures with a human-like upper torso sitting atop the lower body of a large and deadly scorpion. The flesh of the human form is generally deep black in color with a strong sheen and, upon closer inspection, appears to be closer to a flexible chitin than actual skin. The coloration of the scorpion varies to some degree, with each of the Barons and Wardens of Slaughter having their own coloration of the scorpion tail, Gilrandree's appearing as a brown-tan shade.
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