Unlike Common Demons, where the essence of the Demon is closely attached to their minds, Arch-Demons spread their core being among different Aspects, each with its own independent line of thought, but all sharing a common core existence.  Each Arch-Demon is entirely independent, with all of the individuals within a single "race" of Arch-Demons actually being part of the same supernatural being.  Arch-Demons generally have dozens if not hundreds of manifest Aspects existing at any given moment in time, each with its own mind, but all fundementally attached to each other, part of one core entity.

Because of this ability, Arch-Demons are much more common in the mortal realms.  While a Greater Demon will often ignore a summon if they are engaged in some activity which they are unwilling or unable to break away from, Arch-Demons will virtually never ignore one, since a summoned Arch-Demon only engages a single Aspect of that Demon.  Unless great care is taken in binding a summoned Arch-Demon, ensuring its return to The Abyss, the summoned Aspect will remain on the mortal world as long as it can, feeding upon the bodies and souls of the residents to expand its own power.

Arch-Demons often (but not always) rule over one or more of the six hundred sixty six Layers of The Abyss.  Their titles are largely dependent on how many and which of the Layers they have dominance over.  In some cases, they represent actual aspects of control a Demon attains with sufficient dominance, in other cases, they are purely symbols of status.

The titles Demons hold generally fall into two large categories: Abyssal Titles and Infernal Titles.  Abyssal Titles they establish themselves, based on capture of Layers of The Abyss from other Arch-Demons, alliances with other Arch-Demons, or other such acts.  These titles change frequently (at least in Demon time scales) and represent how much power an Arch-Demon holds at any given time, and they generally only apply to The Abyss.  Infernal Titles are granted by The Demogorgon, though in the case of Devil titles, are connected to Abyssal Titles held.  They represent administrative function within Hell, and generally only apply in the upper regions of Hell.

Abyssal Titles

Lordship Titles

Arch-Demons hold the title of Lord based strictly on the number of Layers they rule over.  The lowest of these titles is "Demon Warden," which is an Arch-Demon which only rules one or two Layers.  These Demons are not able to effectively exert any overall control over The Abyss, due to the limitations on how much power they can draw toward themselves.

Arch-Demons who rule over between 3 and 37 Layers are Underlords.  These demons have begun to establish themselves as rulers not only of a single or two Layers, but of more of The Abyss, leading toward being able to actually influence The Abyss as a whole.  Their power is still quite limited, though, and they likely still depend on Lords for protection.

Once an Arch-Demon rules 38 Layers, it is referred to as a Demon Lord.  The reason 38 Layers is chosen is practical: to rule over a Pit, a Demon must rule more than half the Layers within that Pit, which comes to 38 Layers.  Thus Lords have enough rule that, if it were entirely within a single Pit, they could rule the Pit.  In fact, many Lords don't actually rule over a Pit, since their Layers are spread over more than one, but it is still a point in which they have enough control over Layers to begin to influence The Abyss as a whole.

Once an Arch-Demon rules enough Layers to make up an entire Pit, 74 Layers, they are termed an Overlord.  At this point, they either already rule over a Pit or have significant influence over multiple Pits without actually ruling them.  Overlords certainly exert their influence over The Abyss through the Pits in which they reside.

At 222 Layers, one third of all Layers in The Abyss, Arch-Demons are termed High Lords, and it is unlikely there will be more than one High Lord at any time.  Any Arch-Demon reaching the level of High Lord has extensive control over The Abyss, likely ruling over multiple Pits.  Only one Arch-Demon has ever reached this degree of control over The Abyss: Glabrezu, who, at the height of his power, ruled over 300 of the Layers of The Abyss.

Regency Titles

Regency Titles are established as Arch-Demons establish themselves in command of the Pits of The Abyss.  Unlike Lordship Titles, which consider a Demon's entire power, Regency Titles only consider how much they command within a specific Pit.

At the lowest level, Demons who rule over Layers within a Pit, but not enough to effectively exert control over the Pit as a whole, are known as Proprietors of the Pit (for example, Proprietor of Blight).

Once a Demon manages to control enough of a Pit to influence its rule, they are termed a Baron of the Pit (for example, Baron of Treachery).  There is no fixed number for this, as it varies based on the overall power of the Demon and their relationship with the ruler of the Pit, if there is one, though in general, a Demon needs to rule somewhere around 7 Layers to be established as a Baron.  With less than 5 Layers, it would be almost impossible to establish any control, even under the best of situations, and any Demon ruling 9 or more Layers almost certainly can claim the title of Baron.

When a Demon commands more than half of the Layers within a Pit, they become the Prince of that Pit.  This amounts to command of no less than 38 Layers to become Prince of a Pit, and it is fairly difficult to reach this point, but once a Prince gains control over a Pit, it becomes easier for them to hold it, due to the way the Infernal Title of Devil is based on Prince titles.  That being said, Princes are routinely overthrown, though most Princes managed to hold their rule for at least a few million years before other Demons build up enough power to wage a concerted attack on a Prince.

If a Demon establishes itself as a Prince over two of the three Pits in a Chasm and rules over at least half the Layers within the Chasm (111 layers), they become the Arch-Prince of that Chasm.  It is rare that Demons reach the power to become Arch-Prince.

If a Demon establishes itself as a Prince over more than half of the Layers in all of The Abyss as well as Arch-Prince over two of the three Chasms, it becomes the High Prince of The Abyss.  This has happened once; like the High Lord position, Glabrezu is the only Demon to have been High Prince of The Abyss.

Hellish Aspects

The vast majority of Demons are confined to The Abyss, and cannot aspect the Abaddon or Infernum.  Those who can form a specific Aspect which exists only within either Abaddon or The Abyss.  While physically these aspects are generally identical to the Demon's normal Aspect, they are fundementally different in how they are constructed: these Aspects are substantially more powerful, representing the Demon's true nature more than most Aspects. 

As most Common Demons are unable to form Aspects, it is generally viewed as impossiible for most Common Demons to attain Hellish Aspects.  Fiends are the singular exception to this: They can form Aspects, thus can technically become Devils or hold other Hellish Aspects, though this is uncommon.

Superior Devils

Once an Arch-Demon establishes itself as a Prince of a Pit of The Abyss, the title Superior Devil is bestowed, until such a time as the Demon looses its Prince title.  The title of Superior Devil does not connect to any particular evil aspect (thus it is not Superior Devil of Torment), but rather simply grants those Demons who have established a rule over a Pit a title within Infernum.  The Superior Devils also hold titles within Agony as Governor of the Circle (Governor of Slaughter), though the Demons don't generally use these titles in referring to themselves.  Superior Devils have access to both Abaddon and Infernum.

Inferior Devils

Princes can opt to bring one or more of the Barons within their Pits to The Demogorgon to be granted the title of Inferior Devil, a title which references the Superior Devil they are supported by (for example, Inferior Devil of Odontaspis).  They hold the title only so long as their Superior Devil maintains their title.  Otherwise, they have all of the same rights a Superior Devil would have, which mainly include access to the upper region of Hell and the ability to actually have an audience with The Demogorgon themselves.  Inferior Devils have access to Abaddon but lack access to Infernum.


There are (in general) nine Governor of Hell, these Devils corresponding to the Princes of The Pits of The Abyss.  Each Governor rules over a single Circle of Agony, taking possession of souls condemned to that Circle.  While the Prince of the corresponding Pit of The Abyss is generally the Governor of a Circle of Agony, the Prince, in fact, can name any Arch-Demon as an Inferior Devil answering to them and grant them the title of Governor of Agony in their name.

Cursed TItles

There are a number of titles personally granted by The Demogorgon, mainly around specific services to them and to Hell in general.  These "Cursed" titles are granted at their will and can neither be requested nor refused: if The Demogorgon elects to grant a demon with one of these titles, they have little choice but to accept it.

The Arch-Demons

God-Emperor of Demons

  • The Demogorgon, Lord Captains of Evil, Eternal God-Emperor of Demons, King of Hell, Potentate of The Abyss, Arch-Devil, Harbinger of The Apocalypse, Champion of Sin, Lord High Despoiler

Demon Overlords

  • Glabrezu, Overlord of Violence, Arch-Baron of The Pits, Cursed Diplomat of Hell, Inferior Devil under Gilrandree, Ruling over 76 Layers of The Abyss
  • Odontaspis, Overlord and Prince of Treachery, Baron of Slaughter, Baron of Violation, Baron of Greed, Superior Devil, Governor of Treachery, Ruling over 78 Layers of The Abyss, Patron Demon of Snakes
  • Orcus, Overlord and Prince of Greed, Baron of Vengeance, Baron of Violation, Baron of Blight, Superior Devil, Governor of Greed, Cursed Treasurer of Hell, Ruling over 74 Layers of The Abyss

Demon Lords

  • Belial, Lord of Diabolism, Baron of Wrath, Baron of Slaughter, Baron of Darkness, Baron of Treachery, Ruling over 36 Layers of The Abyss
  • Gilrandree, Lord and Prince of Slaughter, Warden of Demise, Baron of Violence, Baron of Violation, Baron of Torment, Superior Devil, Governor of Slaughter, Ruling over 69 Layers of The Abyss, Patron Demon of Scorpions
  • Kanaima, Lord and Prince of Vengeance, Baron of Slaughter, Superior Devil, Governor of Vengeance, Ruling over 45 Layers of The Abyss, Patron Demon of Panthers
  • Mephastophilies, Lord and Prince of Blight, Superior Devil, Governor of Blight, Ruling over 46 Layers of The Abyss
  • Nabassu, Lord of Murder, Prince of Slaughter, Superior Devil, Governor of Murder, Cursed Assassin of Hell, Ruling over 44 Layers of The Abyss
  • Nhyloghast, Lord and Prince of Torment, Superior Devil, Governor of Torment, Ruling over 40 Layers of The Abyss
  • Sonnalion, Lord of Hate, Prince of Darkness, Superior Devil, Governor of Darkness, Ruling over 41 Layers of The Abyss

Demon Underlords

  • Anubis, Underlord of Sacrifice, Baron of Slaughter, Cursed Judge of the Damned, Magistrate of Hell, Ruling over 8 Layers of The Abyss
  • Astaroth, Underlord of Seduction, Baron of Violation, Baron of Torment, Baron of Treachery, Inferior Devil under Odontaspis, Ruling over 18 Layers of The Abyss
  • Ataxia, Underlord of Chaos, Baron of Blight, Ruling over 14 Layers of The Abyss
  • Cerberus, Underlord of Slavery, Baron of Vengeance, Cursed Master of Hounds, Guardian of Hell, Ruling over 7 Layers of The Abyss
  • Cthulhu, Underlord of Insanity, Baron of Violation, Ruling over 6 Layers of The Abyss
  • Lloth, Underlord of Pestilence, Baron of Blight, Inferior Devil under Mephastophilies, Ruling over 8 Layers of The Abyss, Patron Demon of Spiders
  • Mammon, Underlord of Gluttony, Baron of Greed, Inferior Devil under Orcus, Ruling over 8 Layers of The Abyss
  • Nalfeshnee, Underlord of Rape, Baron of Violation, Ruling over 17 Layers of The Abyss
  • Phijardni, Underlord of Transformation, Baron of Violation, Baron of Darkness, Ruling over 16 Layers of The Abyss

Demon Wardens

  • Beelzabub, Demon Greater Warden of Filth, Proprietor of Blight, Proprietor of Violation, Ruling two Layers of The Abyss
  • Vershka, Demon Greater Warden of Lust, Proprietor of Violation, Ruling two Layers of The Abyss, Patron Demon of Cephalopods
  • Medusa, Demon Greater Warden of Pride, Proprietor of Darkness, Ruling two Layers of The Abyss
  • Hadri, Demon Lesser Warden of Piracy, Proprietor of Greed, Ruling one Layer of The Abyss, Patron Demon of Sharks
  • Dramzux, Demon Lesser Warden of Cannibals, Proprietor of Slaughter, Ruling one Layer of The Abyss, Patron Demon of Crocodiles
  • Tenzon (Illithid), Demon Lesser Warden of Reprimand, Proprietor of Violation, Ruling one Layer of The Abyss
  • Asterion The Minotaur, Demon Lesser Warden of Confusion, Proprietor of Wrath, Ruling one Layer of The Abyss, Patron Demon of Bulls
  • Riutoz, Demon Lesser Warden of Distress, Proprietor of Torment, Ruling one Layer of The Abyss, Patron Demon of Lizards
  • Asheer (Fiend 9), Demon Lesser Warden of Disaster, Proprietor of Blight, Ruling one Layer of The Abyss
  • Aazaedal (Fiend 30), Demon Lesser Warden of Infidelity, Proprietor of Treachery, Ruling one Layer of The Abyss
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