Orcus - The Prince of Greed

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Name Orcus
Full Title

Demon Overlord of Greed, Cursed Treasurer of Hell, Prince of Greed, Baron of Violence, Baron of Violation, Baron of Blight, Proprietor of Slaughter, Proprietor of Torment, Proprietor of Treachery, Cursed Devil, Governing Devil of the Seventh Circle of Hell, Primordial Demon, Cursed Conqueror of Hell, The Profane Arch-Fiend Orcus, his supreme unholiness

Location of Essence Abaddon
Age of Sentience 2.47 billion years
Age as Greater Demon 1.15 billion years
Number of Layers Ruled 75
4 Pit of Slaughter
8 Pit of Violence
7 Pit of Violation
4 Pit of Torment
7 Pit of Blight
41 Pit of Greed
4 Pit of Treachery
Other Demons Owned 18421
12675 Pit Demons (assuming full legions)
3996 Personal Demons
1000 Hell Hounds
750 Ghaunts

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Orcus is a primordial demon generally considered the most powerful and dangerous of the arch-demons, though its claim to that position is constantly challenged by The Glabrezu and Odontaspis.  It maintains command over 75 Layers of The Abyss; while this isn't the most of any Overlord (Odontaspis holds that record with 78 Layers), Orcus' titles within Infernum are generally considered worth what would amount to five to ten layers of Abyss, in terms of overall power.  It usually commands just over 18,000 demons, though the number varies depending on how many Tulgan exist at any particular time, including large legions of Hell Hounds and Ghaunts, serving it in its position as Cursed Treasurer of Hell.

Overlord and Prince of Greed

Orcus is the ruler of the Pit of Greed within The Abyss in the strongest hold of all Princes, holding 41 Layers within Greed, only matched by Gilrandree's hold of 41 Layers of Slaughter.  While it is well-known that Odontaspis (who is, in no way, allied with Orcus) wants Greed for itself and Orcus wants Treachery back from Odontaspis (who captured it from Orcus on its rise to power), neither has been able to establish itself to the point it is safe to risk an attack.

Making Orcus' hold on Greed stronger is Mammon's Baronship within Greed; Mammon and Orcus are closely allied, and many consider the 8 Layers Mammon holds as a virtual extension of Orcus' hold on Greed.

Should Orcus win back Treachery, it would be able to re-establish itself as Arch-Prince of Corruption, a title it was no longer able to claim when defeated by Odontaspis, an offence it claims it will never forgive The Snake for.

Baron of Vengeance

Holding eight layers within Vengeance, Orcus is well-established within this Pit as well as its own.  It is not generally friendly with Kanaima, the Prince of Vengeance, Kanaima, ultimately, holds few allies within Hell.  Orcus appears to hold Vengeance Layers mainly to secure its power, with limited interested in the actual Pit itself.

Baron of Violation

The rule of the Pit of Violation has been unclaimed for eons, Orcus being one of the many demons to hold Layers within the Pit, but, like the rest, is far from holding enough to establish rule.  Like most demons who hold some rule over Violation, Orcus has some connection there, given the connection between Greed and Gluttony and the violation which often comes with those aspects.

Baron of Blight

While Lord Mephistophiles, Prince of Blight, has few allies, Orcus is among those who least approve of its nature, even though the very way in which Mephistophiles acts is the ultimate in greed and gluttony, literally consuming entire planets if it can.  It is perhaps through this aspect that Orcus holds Barony over Blight, though has little chance of winning this Pit as its own.

Warden of Treachery

While Orcus is unable to hold enough command over Treachery to maintain itself as a Baron, it has not entirely been expelled from that Pit.  Its hold on Treachery is weak, but it is always a threat for attack of the entire Pit

Cursed Treasurer of Hell

Eons ago, when Orcus was Arch-Prince of Corruption and had its eyes on the titles of High Prince and Arch-Lord, it was cursed with the title of Treasurer of Hell by The Demogorgon.  In this position, Orcus is responsible for managing the personal account of The Demogorgon and the massive collection of souls they hold in their seat as God-Emperor of Demons.  While such a title wins Orcus little in terms of bribes from other Arch-Demons for service, it does offer Orcus the chance to embezzle a small fraction of those souls as its own.  By all accounts, it has reached an understanding with The Demogorgon just how much embezzlement is acceptable, without angering the demon god.

Greed Demon.png
The Tulgan Demons


Orcus appears as a large, obese creature with legs ending in cloven hooves, a long tail, and two goat-like heads.  Large leathern wings sprout from its back, with its body covered in a course hair, particularly on its lower torso.  Since it was cursed with the title of Treasurer of Hell, its horns have become solid gold and its throne room is resplendent with the metal, a solid gold throne as its centerpiece.  Overall, it is a relatively traditional demon, though the presence of two heads stands out somewhat.


Orcus is among the least pleasant of the demons, either when dealing with mortals or other demons.  While it is true that all demons, especially Arch-Demons, place their own needs over everyone else's, this is especially obvious with Orcus.  It appears to lack the comprehension of accepting a short-term loss for long-term gain, with its immediate greed for power overriding all other desires.

In many ways, it is the opposite of Odontaspis; The Snake is known to treat its demons very well, while Orcus is abusive to any demon who answers to it, more so than any other of the more powerful of demons.  The end result is that its force is likely less loyal than just about any other: while its demons fought for it in the battle against Odontaspis, it is largely believed they did so only to the least amount as required by their oaths.

Power in Hell

Orcus is immensely powerful, especially when one considers the huge wealth of souls it is responsible for in its position as Treasurer of Hell.  Though those souls don't belong to Orcus, its accountability is limited and it would almost certainly take whatever it needed to defend itself against attack, not concerned with what happens down the line when The Demogorgon discovers the theft, which they almost certainly would.  

As such, no demon dare to challenge it now, out of fear that they would be destroyed, even if it meant Orcus' eventual destruction as well.  

Attendant Demons

Like all Overlords, Orcus maintains some Legions of Attendant Demons above and beyond its Pit Demons.  Orcus' attendant demons are known as The Tulgan, appearing as beast-like humanoids which, if they stood upright, would easily stand 10 feet tall, though most often, they tend to walk on all fours.

Orcus' approach to its attendant demons is somewhat unique among the Arch-Demons: It does not recruit them from other demons at all, but rather captures mortals, either live or recently sacrificed directly to it, and enslaves their souls as its personal attending demons.  While most Attendant Demons have either always been demons or voluntarily taken on the role, this is not true for the Tulgan, virtually none of which actually want to be demons.

The Tulgan serve Orcus directly, basically attending to its needs however it sees fit.  They are not divided into proper Legions, but rather serve it in a largely chaotic, ad hoc way.  At any given time, the number of Tulgan varies greatly, but usually around 4000 exist.  It simply commands them to do its wishes, punishing or destroying them as it sees fit should they disappoint the demon.  In fact, a sizable portion of Orcus' diet consists of consuming his own Attendant Demons, at times making up his entire food supply.  This is virtually unheard of among the other Arch-Demons, and nearly the opposite of Odontaspis' treatment of its demons.

Ogre Demon.png
The Ogre Demons

The Pit of Greed

The Pit Demons of Greed

The resident demons of the Pit of Greed are the Ogre, large humanoid creatures with overgrown lower canines and large, reverse angles horns on their heads. Their flesh is generally unnaturally colored, in variations of red and greens most commonly.  They are usually closely related to Orcus in terms of their personalities: fiercely greedy for power, flesh, or anything which they desire, rarely considering long-term impacts of immediate greed.  


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