Odontaspis - The Prince of Treachery

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Name Odontaspis
Full Title

Demon Overlord of Treachery, Prince of Treachery, Baron of Slaughter, Baron of Violation, Baron of Greed, Proprietor of Torment, Governing Devil of the Ninth Circle of Hell, Patron Demon of Snakes, The Loathsome Arch-Beast Odontaspis, its supreme unholiness

Location of Essence Throne Room
Age as Demon 670 million years
Age as Greater Demon 380 million years
Patron Demon Of Snakes
Number of Layers Ruled 78
6 Pit of Slaughter
9 Pit of Violation
5 Pit of Torment
18 Pit of Greed
40 Pit of Treachery
Other Demons Owned 14082
13182 Pit Demons (assuming full legions)
700 Personal Demons
200 Hell Hounds

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Odontaspis, before becoming Prince of Treachery

Odontaspis (aka The Snake)

Odontaspis is a fallen mortal demon which is arguably the single most powerful of the Arch-Demons other than The Demogorgon at present.  Its rise to power was frighteningly fast, accomplished through trickery, guile, and a willingness to take whatever means are necessary to build its power.  It rules over 78 Layers of The Abyss and commands an additional 13 Legions of Attendant Demons, giving it command over more than 10,000 Lesser Demons.  It was basically created by Lord Gilrandree, taken in as a mortal who was turned into a small, unnamed demon by Gilrandree then set free on a world in the middle of being destroyed.  Without meaning to do so, Gilrandree had effectively created a new Unholy Beast, giving Odontaspis the freedom one would only expect of a Greater Demon, freedom which Odontaspis was able to use with particularly potent impact on the realm of demons.

Even among the most powerful of demons, Odontaspis is frequently simply referred to as The Snake, and it has considered attempting to suppress knowledge of its name, taking on the moniker of The Snake instead.

Lord and Prince of Treachery

Odontaspis rise through the ranks of the demons was almost entirely through questionable deals with other demons, deception, and even occasional seduction of other demons.  It rarely made outright attacks on other demons, and as such, gained a reputation as a generally non-violent beast.  However, that very reputation worked to its own advantage: it was actually quite equipped to make vicious and deadly attacks and more than one demons fell into its trap, and eventually into its coils and jaws.

After such acts in its rise to power, few demons were surprised when it went after the Pit of Treachery; at the time, Belial ruled the Pit, though its hold on the rule was tenuous, with only 36 Layers under its command, with Medusa holding close behind, holding 32 Layers, constantly challenging Belial for rule.  Odontaspis entered into a series of secret deals with Belial to eliminate Medusa from her rule, leaving Odontaspis as the sole Baron of Treachery.  Odontaspis, at the time, was known as a dangerous demon to deal with, even among the other Arch-Demons, though Belial was easily the most intelligent of the Demon Lords, so went into negotiations with confidence.  As the first trade of the deal, Belial gave Odontaspis one of the Layers of its Pit, making The Snake an Arch-Demon for the first time.

Unfortunately for Belial, that confidence was misplaced.  Odontaspis had been building power ever since its creation and had, long before, set things into motion with seemingly innocent deals with other demons to force Medusa's downfall.  Through the combination of deals, Odontaspis was able to make an assault against only one of Medusa's Layers.  When she not only defended her own Layer but opened an assault against Odontaspis' own Layer of The Pit, that triggered multiple defense clauses, forcing Gilrandree, The Glabrezu, Phijardni, and Mephastophilies to come to its aid against Medusa.  Based on the way the deals were worded, all but The Glabrezu were forced to broaden their attack, as well, moving against Medusa's entire holding (with The Glabrezu willingly renegotiating its agreement to come to The Snake's aid, as well, in return for six Layers of Treachery).

Under the massive assault, combined with the fact that Medusa was not well allied among other Arch-Demons, Medusa's holdings were slowly stripped from her control one by one, each Layer going into Odontaspis' control.  The Snake's agreement with Belial, however, didn't fully protect Belial from attack until Odontaspis was a Baron of The Pit of Treachery.  Although it had gained ownership of many Layers of Treachery, it had yet to exert its control over them, thus could not reasonably be called a Baron of Treachery.  With the initial power it held and had barely expended in overthrowing Medusa, it turned against Belial; it only needed to win over one Layer to depose Belial as Prince, then only a handful more to be able to name itself Prince.

The battle raged for years until, finally and surprisingly, Belial and Odontaspis reached an accord; Belial released all but six of his Layers of Treachery to Odontaspis in return for the Snake's aid in overthrowing The Pit of Darkness, which of which Belial is now the Prince.  In the end, even after such treachery, Belial and Odontaspis are closely allied and generally viewed as on good terms with each other.

Baron of Slaughter

Odontaspis' close alliance (and even friendship) with Lord Gilrandree, who it openly refers to as its father, is well known.  While traditionally less of a violent demon, its rule over the six Layers of Slaughter have made The Snake decidedly more dangerous to deal with: In the past, it tended to view murder as a last resort, but with the influence Slaughter has brought, it has become far more willing to kill.

Overlord Orcus, who is not particularly well allied with Odontaspis, the two generally having a very adversarial relationship, has offered its eight Layers of Violence in return for Odontaspis' six Layers of Slaughter, pointing out rightfully that The Snake is actually more attuned to Violence than downright Slaughter.  It is clear, however, this is the start of an assault of Orcus on Gilrandree's rule over Slaughter, and thus far Odontaspis has respected its father's wishes to keep Orcus out of Slaughter as much as possible.

Baron of Violation

The Snake's hold on Violation is largely a power play, Odontaspis not being particularly aligned with that Pit, with the demon's holdings in Violation mainly serving as a potential future trade for Layers within other Pits.

Baron of Greed

It is reasonably well known that Odontaspis has its eyes on ruling the entire Chasm of Corruption, but The Pit of Darkness is largely safe from The Snake's advances due to the close alliance between Belial and Odontaspis.  There is no particular closeness between Odontaspis and Orcus, however, thus making Orcus, the Prince of Greed, the primary target of Odontaspis' desire to rule the Chasm.  Odontaspis currently holds 18 Layers within Greed, giving it strong inroads on the Pit, even though Orcus currently holds 41 Layers, making its hold very firm at the moment, especially given that Mammon, a very close ally of Orcus, holds an additional 8 Layers of Greed.  While Odontaspis currently has no plans for taking over Greed, it clearly sees it as a potential assault in the future.

Furthermore, The Snake is very much aligned with Greed: It is a downright gluttonous creature when it comes to feeding, consuming humans, both body and soul, at a rate exceeding all other demons, including Orcus.

Patron Demon of Snakes

Until its lose of The Pit of Treachery, Belial was the self-titled Patron Demon of Snakes.  It is reported that this title was given as a gift from Belial to Odontaspis upon its ascension as the Prince of Darkness; once Belial had again established itself as a Prince of Demons, it offered the largely ceremonial title to The Snake as a show of appreciation in return for not turning on him, at least once.

Odontaspis after becoming Prince of Treachery


Odontaspis takes the form of a large grey-black serpent with a blood-red stripe along its back.  It combines aspects of a cobra (particularly around the head area), a constrictor of some sort (along its body) and a rattlesnake (with the tell-tale rattler).  Since its ascension to ruling Treachery, it is generally (but not always) seen with five heads, one large central one which appears to be the core of its intellect and four smaller ones, two on each side.  In either form, it bears four arms, two on each side of a vaguely human-shaped torso, with hands ending in sharp claws.

The four smaller heads are actually distinct demons, separate from Odontaspis but sharing its body.  While these demons fall outside of the usual categorization of demons, most view them as Lesser Demons, since they do not have particularly unique identities, although they do manifest more than one aspect: they exist for as many aspects as Odontaspis manifests (other than the occasion when he manifests single-headed forms).  These four demons are The Snake's closest advisers, existing literally alongside the Arch-Demon, sharing its memories and, to some degree, its very thoughts.  On occasion, they can be seen arguing with their owner, something Odontaspis actually encourages and does not punish them for, as it considers those additional viewpoints critical for ensuring it doesn't fall into the very traps it sets for other demons and mortals.

(For nearly a million years, none of the other demons actually realized the four additional heads were distinct demons from Odontaspis itself; it was only under close inspection that other Arch-Demons started to realize Odontaspis was actually more than one creature and even then, took millennia for the fact to become common knowledge among the Arch-Demons.)

It typically manifests itself slightly less than one hundred feet from head to tail, weighing slightly in excess of three thousand pounds, though its torso and heads are more or less to human scale.  At times, it will take particularly large forms, hundreds of feet long with a torso far larger than to human scale, with these forms usually single-headed.  They tend to be used in rituals in front of its worshipers, usually large-scale human sacrifice to the demon.  While in its throne room, it appears as a similarly massive snake, around 500 feet in length, with all five heads visible.


Odontaspis' element is Blood and his Pit is full of pools of boiling blood, which the Demon Lord as well as his servants are often found lounging within.  His form frequently collapses into a pool of blood when he needs to move quickly from one place to another and, when summoned, usually appears as rising from a pool of human blood offered as a sacrifice.  This was largely inherited from The Hydra where Odontaspis has left the Pit generally unchanged.


Odontaspis appears to be one of the most friendly of all of the Arch-Demons, though its friendly nature is really nothing more than a front for a creature deceptive to a fault, willing to do whatever is necessary to further its own causes.  The only demon which appears even remotely immune to Odontaspis' treachery is Lord Gilrandree, though many believe it is only a matter of time before Gilrandree becomes a burden to The Snake and is sat aside.  It takes no hesitation in killing mortals and will destroy demons without a thought; it has consumed Fiends it finds troublesome countless times while most Arch-Demons tend to avoid such acts, seeing them as somehow "improper" without just cause.  The Snake's loyalty, with the possible exception of Gilrandree, extends only as far as the deals it makes.


As a former human, one might expect Odontaspis to be more kind to humankind than the other Lords.  Instead, nothing could be further from the truth: It is a unrepentant man-eater, generally going out of its way to consume as many humans as it can, savoring the fear, struggles, and ultimately suffering it causes in its victims.  That being said, it is the Lord of Treachery and thus is known to spare his prey's lives if they show signs of corruption it can use to further drive them toward evil.

In the end, however, its views of humanity are largely as the tools to achieve its goals and the currency of trade in The Abyss.  It rarely shows any compassion for anyone other than itself, human or demon, though in those rare instances when it does, its loyalty is without fault.  Like Lord Gilrandree, Lord Odontaspis holds countless humans within its Layers of The Abyss, though its cache of souls is likely far smaller than Gilrandree's.

Genesis as a Demon

Odontaspis is a formerly mortal demon, as opposed to the primordial demons, which make up most of the ranks of Arch-Demons.  As a human, he lived on a world in the middle of an (unapproved) apocalypse, being destroyed by Gilrandree to feed its own power.  For unknown reasons (even to the two demons), Gilrandree spared the human who was to become Odontaspis, turning him into a serpentine demon in the process.  At this point in its existance, most people would consider Odontaspis a sub-demon, though it clearly did not take the humanoid shape generally common to sub-demons.  Regardless, it quickly grew in power, reaching the point where it unquestionably had a personal identity in less than a hundred years from its creation as a demon, a time frame terribly short in the minds of demons.  At this point, it had clearly established itself as a Fiend, though briefly had referred to itself as The Snake, following the path of the Unholy Beasts.

As a Fiend, its essence was housed in Gilrandree's Pit of The Abyss, who had managed to win command of The Pit of Slaughter by the time Odontaspis had established itself as a Fiend.  Its desire to establish rule was apparent almost instantly; Then-Lord Gilrandree had managed to attain command of two Layers within The Pit of Treachery and entered into a deal with Odontaspis for command of those Layers, though no other demon could guess what was given in return, since the deal seemed, at the time, horribly one-sided.

In fact, Gilrandree saw the danger Odontaspis posed to any demon who stood in its way, and offered it the first chance to rule in return for aid in becoming a Baron of the very Pit it had just given up its rule to once Odontaspis became Prince.  Once it had the first hint of rule, The Snake began making complex deals with other arch-demons who ruled within the (somewhat conflicted) Pit of Treachery, at the time ruled by Overlord Orcus.  The end result of these complex dealings was that Odontaspis had bound multiple demons to fight on his behalf, they thought for only one or two layers.  Odontaspis attacked Orcus but almost immediately withdrew its attack, though left itself entirely open for a return strike.  Because of the careful wording in the deals, when Orcus struck back, Odontaspis was able to claim it as an attack rather than Orcus defending itself, drawing forth, at one point, five other arch-demons to aid in its defense.  

In the end, Odontaspis came close to starting a massive war across all of Hell, all from oaths he'd attained from other demons without them seeing how they all fit together.  Orcus fell from its seat as Prince of Treachery, though held onto Prince of Greed.  Some of those demons used by Odontaspis to gain his own status, such as Lord Kanaima and, to a lesser extent, Lord Nabassu, still hold animosity against Odontaspis for its deceit, while others, such as Lord Mephistophilies and Lord Belial believe it is only right such a demon as to pull that off be the prince of Treachery.

Yuan'Ti Ref.png
A Yuan'Ti, warrior demon of Odontaspis

Power in Hell

Odontaspis has reached sufficient power to call itself an Overlord of Hell, establishing itself as Prince of Treachery, Baron of Slaughter, Violation, and Greed.  It commands 78 of the 666 Layers of The Abyss, making it hold more command than any other arch-demon, though the others who call themselves Overlords also hold Infernal Cursed titles, which Odontaspis has yet to arrange, though whether it desires such a title is unclear, as it seems to believe the duties which come with the Cursed titles outweigh their value.

Attendant Demons

One weakness often held by the Princes of Treachery are the relative weakness of the Pit Demons of Treachery when it comes to outright battle; these demons are far more focused on deception, seduction, and corruption than outright battle.  Odontaspis saw this weakness and, in turn, created seven legions of his personal Attendant Demons, the Yuan'Ti.  These creatures, like all demons Odontaspis tends to work with, are serpentine in nature, but much more built as warriors who serve as his personal guard.

Unlike most demons (especially those answering to Odontaspis), the Yuan'Ti are relatively free in how they present themselves: many wear jewelry of some sort as status symbols and wearing the bones or skin of their victims is equally common.  They often use weapons, something many fighting demons tend to refuse, preferring to use their own natural weapons instead: For the Yuan'Ti, Odon rewards their effectiveness over everything else, so if a weapon adds to that, they are rewarded.

The Yuan'ti appear as traditional snake-men, though are notably larger than a human; the torso of a Yuan'Ti will generally be five or more feet from waist to head, the largest Yuan'Ti with torsos which appear nearly twice the size of a human's torso.  Their bite is venomous and deadly.

There are thirteen total legions of Yuan'Ti, divided into three groups.  The three groups have three distinct tasks:

  • Odontraspis' personal guard, two Legions which defend its throne room and the arch-demon itself.
  • The Defenders of Treachery, seven legions which defend the Pit of Treachery from attack, as well as other Layers which Odontaspis may hold.
  • The Soldiers of Treachery, four legions which lives mainly on the mortal world, working with the Succubi to aid when physical force is needed.

The Pit of Treachery

The Pit of Treachery is Odontaspis' primary home within Hell, which is among the more comfortable pits for the resident demons, though certainly in no way comfortable for the guests of the pit.  As Odontaspis' "element" is blood, the Pit of Treachery is full of pools of boiling blood.  Within the Layers of the Pit commanded personally by Odontaspis, the boiling blood is a manifest body of the demon, so souls trapped within the boiling blood are literally trapped within Odontaspis' actual being.

Away from the boiling pools of blood, the Layers of Treachery ruled by Odontaspis are generally well-build; the walls and floor appear as smooth granite or other quality stone, the entire Pit resembling a massive castle.

Within the Demon Overlord's throne room itself, Odontaspis appears at a massive scale, dwarfing every other creature in presence.  There are almost always other demons present, including an assortment of Yuan'Ti and Succubi as well as, often, Hell Hounds and other allied demons.  It welcomes any Common Demons which answer to it to visit the throne room when otherwise free and is known as one of the demons to treat those demons it owns better than just about any other; as a result, many of its demons are far more loyal than most other Common Demons.

Succubus Ref.png
Female succubus commander

Pit Demons of Treachery

Residing within the Pit of Treachery are the Succubi, demons who focus more on the seduction and deception of mortals than anything else.  They have the upper bodies of humans with snake-like lower bodies, appearing as either male or female.  Those most senior have serpents for hair, the mark of command among the succubi.  For all Succubi, if they serve in one of Odontaspis' Layers, they have a rattle, though those not under its command lack the feature.

The succubi are sent to the mortal realm as often as possible, leaving only as many is necessary to defend The Pit within Hell, and Odontaspis is constantly trying to create more Legions of Yuan'Ti to serve defense while the Succubi work on the mortal worlds.  They are trained in and rewarded for corrupting mortals, that task actually winning over the actual act of direct sacrifice, something unusual among the demons.  Their powers are generally more focused on such acts rather than death, though commanders (with their serpentine hair) have the power Medusa (a former Succubi released to become a Fiend) is most known for: turning mortals to stone with a gaze.

Like the Yuan'Ti, however, all Succubi have a venomous bite, easily capable of killing a human.  While they are not mainly fighters, most are very capable when they need to fight.

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