Name Nhyloghast
Full Title

Demon Lord of Torment, Prince of Torment, Governing Devil of the Fifth Circle of Hell, Primordial Demon, The Loathsome Arch-Fiend Nhyloghast, its unholiness

Location of Essence Throne Room
Age of Sentience 3.4 billion years
Age as Greater Demon 1.15 billion years
Number of Layers Ruled 40
40 Pit of Torment
Other Demons Owned 7160
6760 Pit Demons (assuming full legions)
400 Hell Hounds



Nhyloghast is an ancient demon, one of the first to reach sentience, having a sentient life of over three and a half billion years and holding rule for over a billion. It is one of the most cruel of demons, eternally focused on torture and torment of mortality.  It holds the singularly most negative view of humanity of all demons, seeing them not even at the level of livestock, but as something to be actively hunted, captured, and abused simply because of what they are.

Lord and Prince of Torment

The Pit of Torment has never had a prince other than Nhyloghast, which has actively ruled the pit for around a billion years.  While there have been challenges to its rule, few have amounted to anything, with Nhyloghast receiving indirect support from many other ruling demons.  It is singularly efficient at torture and is generally regarded as the most cruel of all demons.


Nhyloghast is an imposing, huge humanoid creature, standing nearly forty feet tall.  Its head can only be described as "demonic," with a long muzzle covered in short tentacles, its relatively small jaw hidden below.  Six eyes cover the head, each capable of looking in a distinct direction, either individually or in pairs to preserve depth vision.  Its three-fingered hands and feet end in massive claws and its tail ends in a potent stinger, containing not a deadly venom, but a very painful one.


Nhyloghast defines sadism: everything about its life centers around pain and how to maximize it in others.  While it is very capable of conventional methods of torture, it prefers other, more unique methods, often involving venom injected either from its tail or many facial tentacles, all of which give a severe sting like a jellyfish.  Even its urine is a potent irritant, and most torture sessions begin with the creature spraying the victim thoroughly.

To demons it can be friendly, though it is a very inhuman form of friendliness.  Its discussions always seem to end on methods of torture and their effectiveness in different situations.  It has few formal allies among the demons, though many greater demons generally support it, if only because of how deeply effective it is in torture.

Ferocious Demon.png
Nos Demon

The Pit of Torment

The Pit of Torment is somewhat unusual in that each layer differs greatly from every other one: each layer is focused on a single form of torture or torment, to the exclusion of all others.  Mortal souls are generally traded from one layer to the next, forcing them to endure a single form of torture for hundreds or thousands of years, until they grow used to it, when they are faced with something new.  In this way, they neither have fresh changes to their torment on a regular basis nor the chance to fully adapt to what they are experiencing.

The Nos

The Pit Demons of the Pit of Torment are known as the Nos, which are large, humanoid creatures with a leathery, almost reptilian skin usually in shades of brown and red.  They are heavily muscled, with faces which consist of eight flexible, tentacle-like appendages surrounding a gaping mouth.  Some are venomous or bear a diseased saliva, depending on the Layer to which they are assigned.  They walk hunched, standing between 6 and 7 feet tall in this posture, remaining more or less on human scale.

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