Name Mephastophilies
Full Title

Demon Lord of Blight, Prince of Blight, Governing Devil of the Sixth Circle of Hell, Patron Demon of Carnivorous Plants, Primordial Demon, The Profane Arch-Beast Mephastophilies, their unholiness

Location of Essence Throne Room
Age of Sentience 3.26 billion years
Age as Greater Demon 790 million years
Patron Demon Of Carnivorous Plants
Number of Layers Ruled 40
40 Pit of Blight
Other Demons Owned 6760
6760 Pit Demons (assuming full legions)



Mephistopholies is among the most unusual of demons, existing with a manifest aspect which is more a collection of largely unmoving pods than a single individual.  It is one of the most destructive of demons as well; when it becomes established upon a world, it is virtually impossible to remove.

Lord and Prince of Blight

Of all of the demons, Mephistopholies is likely the single most appropriate for its title.  Everything about the beast is centered around massive destruction, not just of sentient mortal lives, but of everything surrounding them.  Its progress over a world is slow and persistent, gradually spreading, leaving nothing but a wasteland behind.  While it is possible to eradicate from a world once it has taken hold and it can be negotiated with, to confine its destruction, its presence on a world, more often than not, means the eventual end of life.

Unlike most greater demons, Mephistopholies is singularly focused on one aspect of The Abyss: Blight.  It holds no territory outside of The Pit of Blight and has shown no interest in expanding to other pits.

Appearance and Behavior

Mephistopholies generally appears not as any typical manifest aspect, but instead as a collection of large, living pods which are generally well-rooted in place.  Each pod grows a single "lure" at the end of a long, almost clear appendage, the lures looking like pure-blood humans, clothed in whatever would be typical for the area.  They tempt people closer to the pods through guile and deception, usually grabbing hold of them only to lift them up into the gaping mouth of the pod to be consumed.  

The pods themselves are variations of green and brown, appearing almost natural, though no worlds have anything quite like the pods of Mephistopholies.  They generally arrange themselves into a "garden," spreading outward at a slow, but steady pace.  Each lure has a reach of 50 to 100 feet from their pod, and at some point, the lure will literally bury itself into the ground, from which a new pod erupts shortly (usually within days).  The beast, like all demons, must feed on mortal life, though if starved, it can go into hibernation for thousands of years.  The best way for mortals to prevent the spread of Mephistopholies over their land is to simply ignore it, building a isolation zone of as little as a quarter mile around it, forcing it into dormancy.  Of course, any life it can successfully feed upon will re-awaken the pod, so generally once it has taken hold, the occupants of a world should consider the land a lost cause for the rest of their history.

Its spores can cross oceans, but do so very slowly and inefficiently.  


Many people, especially mortals, consider Mephistopholies as having no personality, though that is anything but true.  Even mortals can converse with its lures, though must do so with the greatest care to avoid becoming a meal.  It is very intelligent, in terms of planning out its domination of a world, but at the same time, it is deeply distant and alien in attitude, even among the demons.  More than any other demon, it simply exists to destroy, and everything about its personality is centered around that.  The only way to negotiate with it, sparing some domain, is to offer it something larger to take hold of.

A Chasme

Pit of Blight

The Pit of Blight is a great, empty expanse, the exact nature of the land varying from one owner to another.  The Layers ruled by Mephistopholies are generally desert-like, with a mix of sand and stone, only occasionally punctuated by anything breaking up the landscape, in the form of a small garden of Mephistopholies.  Mortals damned to Blight are left to wander aimlessly, starving constantly.  They eventually reach a garden, where they can speak with a lure; the only escape is through destruction of their soul, a willful act they must perform, giving themself to a lure to be consumed.

The Chasme

The Pit Demons of Blight are large, fly-like creatures known as Chasme.  They are among the least intelligent of the Pit Demons, capable of speech and language, but just barely.  They spread disease and decay through the land, including the spores of Mephistopholies.  Encountering them is never good, and, unlike most demons, there is virtually no reason for a mortal to ever summon Mephistopholies or any of the Pit Demons of Blight.

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