Name Kanaima
Full Title

Demon Lord of Vengeance, Prince of Violence, Baron of Demise, Governing Devil of the Third Circle of Hell, Patron Demon of Cats, Primordial Demon, The Loathsome Arch-Fiend Kanaima, its unholiness

Location of Essence Throne Room
Age of Sentience 2.57 billion years
Age as Greater Demon 980 million years
Patron Demon Of Cats
Number of Layers Ruled 45
6 Pit of Demise
39 Pit of Violence
Other Demons Owned 7605
7605 Pit Demons (assuming full legions)

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Kanaima is a primordial demon who currently rules the Pit of Violence as the Lord of Vengeance.  While it is among the oldest of demons, in terms of its sentient life, it has been generally unable to establish itself as a particularly powerful arch-fiend, always having remained in the second tier of power.  

Lord of Vengeance

Kanaima has titled itself the Lord of Vengeance, having held that title (at times Underlord of Vengeance) for most of its sentient existence of nearly a billion years.  It truly believes in vengeance, working endlessly to bring mortals to carry out violence upon each other in the name of vengeance.  

Prince of Violence

Kanaima is the ruler of the Pit of Vengeance, having served in that position for around 300 million years.  It has long encouraged violence in many forms, and is generally considered a natural for this position, though it is constantly challenged, especially by Lord Gilrandree, Prince of Slaughter.  The most critical difference in Kanaima's Violence and Gilrandree's Slaughter is the goal:  Violence is done simply for the sake of being violent, while Slaughter is violence for the sake of ending others' lives.

Baron of Demise

Similar to Violence and Slaughter, Kanaima holds a Barony in the Pit of Demise, which focuses on wrath leading to downfall, either for the one carrying out the wrath or the victim of it.


Kanaima appears as a large humanoid feline, its head shaped similar to a jaguar.  It bears no fur, but instead is covered in a pale white skin with dark grey-brown spots.  Seven tails extend from its rear, each moving independently, often seeming to get in each others' way.  Standing easily ten feet tall with sharp claws on its hands and feet, not to mention deadly teeth, it is very much capable of the violence it so promotes.


Kanaima is a smooth, charismatic demon, though less so than some others (such as Odontaspis).  It lures people into trust, all the while berating those around them, especially anyone who has wronged them.  Eventually, it will offer to fight on their behalf, usually with a deal leaving much unspecified.  Once it has killed the intended victim, usually generally quickly, it will turn on its summoner, killing them much more slowly.

Shadow Demon.png

Pit of Violence

The Pit of Violence is a chaotic place and is one of the ones most overrun in sub-demons, largely because of the strength of violence within them.  Mortal souls trapped there are constantly fighting off the sub-demons, which seem to want to do violence for no reason other than enjoyment of the act.

Pit Demons of Violence

The Pit Demons of the pit of violence are known as Shadows, though the name is somewhat deceptive: they are not particularly dark or capable of hiding in the shadow.  They are, instead, large, humanoid creatures with four arms, the upper set ending in giant, oversized hands.  Both the upper and lower sets bear deadly claws they use as one of their main weapons.  They have long, extended jaws full of sharp, pointed teeth and have a long, prehensile tongue which can extend over six feet from their mouths.  They rarely stand upright, but generally walk on four of their six limbs, standing over six feet tall in this posture.

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