Name The Glabrezu
Full Title

Demon Overlord of Retribution, Cursed Abmassador of Hell, Baron of Slaughter, Baron of Demise, Baron of Violence, Baron of Violation, Baron of Torment, Baron of Blight, Baron of Greed, Baron of Darkness, Baron of Treachery, Cursed Superior Devil, Primordial Demon, Cursed Conqueror of Hell, The Profane The Glabrezu, its supreme unholiness

Location of Essence Abaddon
Age of Sentience 2.51 billion years
Age as Greater Demon 1.15 billion years
Number of Layers Ruled 77
13 Pit of Slaughter
11 Pit of Demise
12 Pit of Violence
6 Pit of Violation
8 Pit of Torment
7 Pit of Blight
6 Pit of Greed
8 Pit of Darkness
6 Pit of Treachery
Other Demons Owned 19513
13013 Pit Demons (assuming full legions)
5000 Personal Demons
1000 Hell Hounds
500 Ghaunts

The Glabrezu

The Glabrezu is an Arch-Demon who has remained one of the most powerful of the Arch-Demons for much of the history of the demons.  It has held the title of Lord continuously for over a billion years, most of the time the demons have had enough power to exist in the way they currently do.  For nearly half that time, it has reached the level of Overlord and has held the title of High Lord for a total of nearly a hundred million years of history.

It is, without question, one of the most feared and powerful of demons.  It is rumored to house billions of trapped souls within its Layers of The Abyss and only rules as few Layers as it does for lack of interest in ruling more.

While The Glabrezu has a name, few know it and it is not something spoken of in public or private, although it is a frequently summoned demon.  When summoned, it is summoned not by name but rather by title, when one wishes to speak with the demonic diplomat.

Overlord of Retribution

Throughout its existence, The Glabrezu has held titled itself Lord (or Overlord / High Lord) of Retribution.  It rewards violence among its mortal followers, focusing on violence as a solution to problems one may face or in response to any insult given.  While it is generally a surprisingly easy arch-demon to deal with, even for mortals, any act which it views as violating an agreement, turning against it, or anything else it takes offense with is met with immediate and vicious violent attacks.

Arch-Baron of the Pits

The Glabrezu does not currently rule over any single Pit of The Abyss, but has instead elected to broaden its rule over Layers spread over all of the Pits.  In every one of the nine Pits of The Abyss, it holds enough power to rank as a Baron of the Pit, with a total holding of 77 Layers of The Abyss, meaning it rules over 1/10th of all of The Abyss, even though it doesn't hold a single Prince title.

With such a holding, it has named itself the Arch-Baron of The Pits, and no demon has dared to question that title.

Cursed Diplomat of Hell

Glabrezu is the demon sent in on behalf of The Demogorgon to negotiate virtually all treaties among different warring Arch-Demons when the battle becomes overly destructive to Hell itself.  Acting in this capacity, it is virtually untouchable, as any attack against it while performing these duties is viewed as an attack against The Demogorgon themselves, an offense which is dealt with swiftly and destructively by the god.  This is a role it rarely takes on, however, as The Demogorgon, and the demons as a whole, view the endless battle for power as a way to reward the strong rather than a problem to be corrected.

Just as Glabrezu is responsible for negotiating deals between demons, it is also the primary ambassador between the demons and other immortal races.  It is the only demon with permanent offices in Heaven, The Realm of Fae, and The Realm of Dragons, keeping a manifest form of itself (in its normal appearance) on-site at all time to deal with any issues which may arise between the demons and these other races.  It is unusually trusted by the other immortals for more uniformly fair approach to negotiations.  In this capacity, it has brought general peace between the demons and other immortals, usually to the benefit to all but, without question, to a greater benefit to demonkind.


Glabrezu is a massive beast, standing between fifteen and twenty feet tall depending on posture.  Its primary head bears a vaguely canine shape, though overall it holds a deeply reptilian aspect to its look making the head somewhat of a blend of wolf and lizard.  Its large teeth protrude from its mouth, making speech from this head virtually impossible.  It has massive and powerful crab-like claws on each of its primary arms capable of effortlessly dismembering or beheading a human.  Its feet end in massive talons and it bears a thick, prehensile tail nearly twenty feet long.

In the center of its chest is a human torso of indistinct gender, though the lack of breasts generally cause most people to see it as male.  This torso bears its own arms and head, which the demon uses as its primary form of interacting with others, mortal and demon.  It will, on occasion, appear in this human's form without the demon around it, though this is rare: even when negotiating with humans, it prefers to not hide its true shape, instead making sure the human sees just what they are bargaining with.

The attachment does not exist.
A Mitios Demon

Personal Demons

While Orcus has no single race of Pit Demons it mostly associated with, it does maintain a massive army of around 5000 personal demons, known as the Mitios Demons.  These creatures are generally humanoid in appearance, often with naturally colored skin which appears generally human on first glance.  Their left hand, however, is replaced with a massive claw, giving away their demonic nature, and generally their heads and body features are distinctly inhuman as well, with sharp, angular faces.  Most Mitios are males, and visibly so, though around one in four are female.

They serve alongside their owner in many of its tasks, working with negotiations among demons and other supernaturals as well as one of the first demons many mortals will encounter when attempting to make large-scale deals with demons.

Like many demons, they can appear outwardly friendly at first interaction, but quickly devolve into violence and death.  A Mitios will gladly negotiate deals just like its master, responding in a similar way when the deal is broken.  Mitios often will accompany a mortal for years at a time as they carry out their side of some demonic agreement.

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