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7 += Gilrandree =
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9 +Gilrandree is a primordial demon ranking in what would often be considered the "second tier" of the most powerful of Arch-Demons. It is a profoundly violent demon, sometimes to its own disadvantage. It maintains command over 69 Layers of The Abyss as well as three additional Attendant Legions which are larger, with 13 Packs of 13 demons in each of these Legions, plus a substantial legion of Hell Hounds. All in all, it commands over 12,000 Demons.
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11 +== Lord and Prince of Slaughter ==
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13 +Gilrandree elevated itself from a common demon to an arch-demon though the largest mass-sacrifice in the history of time; it arranged the sacrificial death of an entire world of over five billion people, consuming the energy of the entire mass to propel itself from a relatively low-power unchained Hell Hound all the way to one of the arch-demons in less than a year. As it established itself as an arch-demon, it overthrew the Prince of Slaughter in a single day, taking over command of the Pit of Wrath in a single, vicious attack, outright destroying the former Prince of Slaughter in the process.
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15 +In the millions of years since it elevated itself to the status of arch-demon, it continues to routinely venture to the mortal realm in order to commit acts of mass slaughter, largely for its own entertainment. It is arguably responsible for more mortal deaths than any other demon, taking pride in that fact, and works to ensure its record is never broken. It makes no secret of the fact that it wants to establish itself as the Arch-Prince of Wrath and will not hesitate to eliminate any demon who stands in its way, when the time comes, but, although powerful, it is far from holding enough power to reach that goal.
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17 +Gilrandree currently commands 41 of the 74 Layers of The Pit of Slaughter, making its rule over that Pit well established, with it being very unlikely to be overthrown in the near future.
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19 +== Warden of Demise ==
20 +
21 +One of Gilrandree's self-admitted failings has been its inability to establish itself as a Baron in the Pit of Demise, though it has ultimately allied itself with Lord Nabassu, Prince of Demise since establishing itself as Prince of Slaughter. It is widely believed that it makes no attempt on Nabassu's rule in return for support in its likely eventual attack on the Pit of Violence.
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23 +== Baron of Violence ==
24 +
25 +Gilrandree rules over 7 Layers in the Pit of Violence and is generally seen to be on the brink of outright war with Lord Kanaima for the rule of this Pit. Should Gilrandree win over the Pit of Violence, the rule would certainly raise him to the status of Overlord as well as bringing him the rule over the entire Chasm of Wrath.
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27 +== Baron of Violation ==
28 +
29 +The Pit of Violation has been without a Prince for nearly 25 million years, with Gilrandree serving as one of the many Barons of the Pit, holding 7 Layers. While Gilrandree has openly offered his rule over these Layers to any who would trade him for rule over Layers of Violence, thus far there have been no such deals made. It is believed that Gilrandree and Lord Orcus, who holds 8 Layers of Violence and 7 Layers of Violation may be in alliance, with the potential of both attacking their respective pits at the same time: Gilrandree taking Orcus' 8 Layers of Violence in return for Gilrandree's 7 Layers of Violation as well as one other Layer in an unknown Pit. This would place Gilrandree's control over Violence at 15 Layers which, while far short of the necessary 38 to take over command of the Pit, could serve as a base for a direct attack on Kanaima.
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31 +== Baron of Torment ==
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33 +Gilrandree serves as a Baron of Torment, with 6 Layers of the Pit under his command. While the relationship between Gilrandree and Lord Nhyloghast, Prince of Torment, is reported to be generally unfriendly, Nhyloghast is singularly focused on torture and wishes nothing more than to command the entire pit to itself, thus it is likely Gilrandree could sell its command over those Layers to Nhyloghast to aid in an attack against Violence. That being said, Nhyloghast holds no Layers outside of Torment, so it is unclear what it could offer in return.
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39 +== Baron of Treachery ==
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41 +Gilrandree has been closely allied with Lord Odontaspis since The Snake came into power, and the two remain among the closest of allies within Hell. While the 6 Layers it holds within Treachery could certainly be used to aid in its domination of Violence, it is unclear how the trade could happen. While Lord Orcus holds some command over Treachery, the relationship between Orcus and Odontaspis is nowhere near as good as between Orcus and Gilrandree, so it is unlikely Gilrandree would risk its alliance with Odontaspis to allow Orcus' control over Treachery to grow.
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43 +== Patron Demon of Scorpions ==
44 +
45 +Gilrandree's predecessor as the Prince of Slaughter was a scorpion-based demon, and in destroying the Arch-Demon, Gilrandree inadvertently took on some of the demon's essence as its own. As a result, it often exhibits scorpion-like features and has retained the Patron Demon of Scorpions title his predecessor also claimed.
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47 += Appearance =
48 +
49 +Gilrandree is known, even among the demons, as unusually flexible in its shape, taking on a wide variety of aspects to satisfy its tastes at the time it manifests the physical form. Its most common form is very traditional in its appearance: a humanoid figure with large cloven hooves for feet, a wolf-like head with two large horns, a long, semi-prehensile tail, and two massive wings upon its back. It stands nearly a dozen feet tall with powerful muscles over its entire body. This is the most common form the demon is found in and the form in which it always appears within its throne room.
50 +
51 +In addition to the canonical form, Gilrandree also frequently appears as a 6-limb creature with the lower body of a manticore, the upper body more or less the same as his canonical form. Most often, this form is found when he ventures into the mortal realm to perform acts of mass slaughter, often in the company of either arch-priests (who take the form of manticores) or its Pit Demons.
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53 += Personality =
54 +
55 +For the vast majority of people who encounter Gilrandree, the encounter is brief and violent; its ventures to the mortal realm generally result in thousands of lives lost before it can be brought down, usually with massive military force. In these vicious attacks, it has no concern whatsoever for the lives it is taking, simply enjoying the act of slaughtering so many people. That being said, it is actually a relatively safe demon to summon, if you intende to let it loose on a large population and offer enough initial sacrifice to calm its initial thirst for death. Somewhat surprisingly, it is actually a friendly creature, once you get past its lust for murder. Once sated, it is entirely willing to relax for some time, talking freely to whoever summoned it or other mortals which, for whatever reason, it isn't targetting for death. The mortal females he keeps in Hell as his consorts are generally well-treated, so long as they keep his interest; once he bores of them, they are almost always killed and eaten without the least hesitation.
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57 +It is a fairly emotional demon and can be subject to fits of rage when things don't go as it wants, killing anyone in its way, something often used against it by Lord Odontaspis, who actually sees Gilrandree as a father figure of sorts, but then picks on it like a son would on its father. Odontaspis seems to like nothing better than to infuriate Gilrandree, driving it into fits of rage, especially if the two find themselves together on a mortal world. Of course, in these cases, the death toll from their argument can be tremendous, though neither seem to be overly bothered by the vast quantity killed in their argument.
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59 +More than once, Gilrandree has become emotionally attached to mortal women; in these cases, he becomes very protective of these humans, killing anyone who threatens them without hesitation. His affairs with humans have rarely lead to Cambion offspring, mainly because it is generally unwilling to leave his companions alone long enough for their eggs to incubate and hatch; in many cases, it just suggests his companion cook and eat the egg, since both know it will never hatch with his unwillingness to be away from his mortal companions. It is reported to be a very good lover, both physically and emotionally, actually showing some degree of sympathy for the mortal trying to accept the fact that they are having a love affair with a demon. Without exception, it eventually kills its lovers, though most of the times, recruits them into its Legion of demons once they die.
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61 += Summoning Gilrandree =
62 +
63 +Gilrandree can be summoned with some degree of control if the right conditions are met, though it has zero tolerence for failure to meet those conditions. Anyone wishing to summon Gilrandree must offer at least thirteen live humans as a sacrifice, though more is preferred and will result in less risk it will turn on the summoner. Binding Gilrandree against its will is virtually impossible for any but the most powerful of demon summoners, so offering ample human sacrifice is a must. Furthermore, to keep Gilrandree under control, it is absolutly necessary to allow it to commit large acts of mass slaughter regularly. Should a summoner lose control over Gilrandree, either by insufficiently binding the demon or failing to provide enough opportunity to kill if left unbound, it will almost certainly turn on the summoner and its allies, killing as many as it can until it is forced to stop, usually requiring significant military force to banish the demon back to Hell.
64 +
65 +While Gilrandree can never truly be called a "safe" demon to summon, one of the most common ways it is summoned with limited danger to the summoner is as an aid to warfare. The tomes guiding summoning it for this use generally suggest surrounding the summoning circle with a full compliment of 666 live humans as sacrifice, no more than around 2/3 of which can be enemies taken in battle. Once the demon has sated itself with such a large pool of sacrifices, it will generally accept discussion over bargains for its service without being bound. It will generally accept command over an army, provided the soldiers wear its seal into combat, as this will allow the demon to take all of their kills as sacrifices. It often demands some fraction of the soldiers openly establish worship, at which time they are corrupted into its priest forms and granted magical abilities to aid in their combat.
66 +
67 +It has served as a demonic commander over dozens of armies which were losing a critical war, almost always resulting in the army ultimately defeating their enemy, and if given appropriate freedom over its command and the ability to maximize the deaths on the other side, once the war is over, it will generally return to Hell without needing to be banished. Of course, once all of the soldiers who fought, knowing they were taking commands from a demon, reach the end of their lives, they will be condemned to Hell and almost certainly sent to Gilrandree for their damnation, only adding to his already huge cache of souls waiting to power his eventual attack on The Pit of Violence.
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73 += Power in Hell =
74 +
75 +While most demons would consider Lord Gilrandree in the second tier of the most powerful Demons, as it has not really been able to establish itself as an Overlord, there are those who believe it is actually far more powerful than it is letting on. The fact that it has a massive cache of unconsumed souls trapped in its throne layer is no secret, though just how large that collection is nobody, outside Gilrandree itself, knows, and it is widely believed it has equally as many if not more scattered around the Layers of The Abyss over which it rules. Ruling over 69 Layers of The Abyss, it still holds the forth most Layers of command, after Overlord Odontaspis (with 78), Overlord Glabrezu (with 77), and Overlord Orcus (with 75). It is only a few Layers away from the point in which most demons consider others as Overlords (74 Layers) and, aside from the three Overlords, almost certainly has a larger wealth of souls in its possession than any other demon. Most demons believe it is just a matter of time before Gilrandree wins over command of the Pit of Violence, especially given how well suited it is to that Pit in its own actions and is, all things considered, far more violent than the actual Prince of Violence.
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77 +== Attendant Demons ==
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83 +Gilrandree is the only Arch-Demon to command Attendant Demons who has not established itself as an Overlord. It presently rules over three Legions of demons known as the Beorhtwulf, which appear as 6-limb creatures with the lower body of a massive wolf below a more or less humanoid upper body, though their heads are clearly canine in appearance. In addition, instead of the tail of a wolf, their tails are long, venomous snakes. In battle, their canine head will patrol forward, attacking with weapons or magical force while the snake looks back, scanning for any threat approaching from behind, as well as constantly scanning for unexpected odors with their advanced sense of smell, via the serpent's tongue. As such, the demons are virtually impossible to sneak up on when they are on alert, and able to fight on two fronts at once without any difficulty.
84 +
85 +Each of the Legion of Beorhtwulf bear a different coloration, allowing immediate identification of which Legion an individual is a member of: the First Legion have brown bodies with green-brown snakes, the Second Legion have bodies and snakes solid black, and the Third Legion's bodies resemble those of grey wolves, with grey snakes. It is rumored that Gilrandree has enough priests in waiting to form two additional Legions of Attendent Demons with little notice, and that these priests are constantly training in battle, possibly already in the form of Beorhtwulf, hiding in secret on some unknown mortal world.
86 +
87 +The Beorthwulf are particulary unusual in a few ways. First, every individual Beorthwulf was once human, recruited into the Legion directly from the ranks of Gilrandree's priests. This was widely viewed as a poor decision when Gilrandree first established its initial Legion of Attendant Demons, though, by recruiting mortals as its personal Legion, their loyalty has apparently been far deeper than one would get from a more traditional Legion. Second, each Beohrtwolf is actually two individuals: the wolf aspect and the snake are two distinct demons, each with their own mind, though they share their memories and can pick up each others' surfact thoughts. Each Legion of Beorhtwolf consists of 13 Packs of 13 creatures (each containing two individual essences), meaning a Legion of Beorhtwolf contain 169 Demons rather than the more customary 117.
88 +
89 +The mortals which are recruited to become the Beorhtwulf are most often a married or otherwise loving couple who worship Gilrandree together, in most cases only one (usually the male) is actually a priest of Gilrandree. In the case of male - female relationships, the wolf is always formed from the male, the snake from the female. In male - male homosexual relationships, the two elect which is to become the wolf and which the snake. Gilrandree tends to focus on males among his priests, but in rare cases two loving females have joined the priesthood, the one which takes on the wolf aspect also becomes male in the process. Once joined, the snake is effectively without gender. The key aspect, though, is that the two mortals which are to join to become the Beorhtwulf must be deeply compatible with each other as they will potentially be spending millions of years in each others' company.
90 +
91 +Most of the demons have worked well, the two entities coexisting well in the shared body, though some have grown unable to work together. When such a problem becomes obvious, Gilrandree destroys the demons without hesitation.
92 +
93 +Once every 666 years, Gilrandree travels to some primitive mortal world with the entire collection of all three of his Legions of Brorhtwulf, setting them up on three corners outside a town of usually around 5000 people. The three Legions enter into a full-scale war with each other, descending upon the town as the battleground, the town's population available as food to sustain the demons in battle. Gilrandree watches from his throne room, surrounded by the amulets of the demons in battle; as each demon falls, he consumes their essence, making the battle an actual fight for life among the demons. Once 166 pairs have fallen (and been destroyed), amounting to one out of every six demons, he calls the remaining demons back into Hell to meet the new 166 recruits he had summoned from his priests. In these battles, he eliminates the weakest of the demons, ensuring the force to be among the most deadly among all of the Legions.
94 +
95 += The Pit of Slaughter =
96 +
97 +The Pit of Slaughter is Gilrandree's primary home within Hell, and it is a Pit the demon has clearly shaped for itself, in a very traditional style. Throughout all of the Layers of The Pit of Slaughter, the terrain is rocky and rough with large flows of lava throughout. In the Layers ruled by Gilrandree personally, in addition to the Lava, large pools of molten sulfur litter the terrain, every one full of countless condemned souls struggling for freedom from the torturous imprisonment within Gilrandree's pit of Hell. The throne Layer, which Gilrandree maintains in the first layer of Hell (out of all 666) is lacking entirely in lava, replaced entirely with molten sulfur.
98 +
99 +Gilrandree's throne room is known to be one of the more terrifying of all of the demons; the space is massive, with much of the entire energy of the layer centered on the chamber in which Gilrandree makes its throne, the only other areas existing in the entire Layers being smaller chambers for its consorts, one for the Arch-Priest manticore attending to the demon at the time, and a large circular space surrounding the throne room in which the Layer's Legion of demons stand guard. In the throne room itself, Gilrandree's throne is surrounded by massive pools of molden sulfur, constantly in motion from the tens, if not hundreds of millions of souls trapped within, simply waiting to be consumed by the demon at its leisure. It rests on an actual throne, constructed of human bones, with its seal in glowing runes over its head. The room is lit with the burning flesh of condemned souls being slowly burned out to power the Layer itself.
100 +
101 +Virtually always in attendance with the demon are a single female human whose soul was sacrificed to him as a consort (and who generally slowly becomes more and more corrupt in his presence, eventually becoming something which basically amounts to a Sub-Demon) and a mortal Arch-Priest manticore doing its tour of Hell in support of the demon it worships.
102 +
103 +== {{id name="Gharros"/}}Pit Demons of Slaughter ==
104 +
105 +{{cbox name="Gharros, the scorpion Pit Demons of The Pit of Slaughter" align="left" textflow="true"}}
106 +{{thumbnail image="Scorpion Demon.png" width=100%/}}
107 +{{/cbox}}
108 +
109 +Residing within the Pit of Slaughter are the Gharros, creatures with a human-like upper torso sitting atop the lower body of a large and deadly scorpion. The flesh of the human form is generally deep black in color with a strong sheen and, upon closer inspection, appears to be closer to a flexible chitin than actual skin. The coloration of the scorpion varies to some degree, with each of the Barons and Wardens of Slaughter having their own coloration of the scorpion tail, Gilrandree's appearing as a brown-tan shade.
110 +
111 +These creatures have venom which is, without question, the most deadly venom of all demons: it is a rotting agent, the tissue damage very similar to gangrene with a nearly instant onset. If the venom simply contacts the flesh of a human, the tissue will immediately start to rot, often requiring the amputation to offset the damage. If injected into the blood stream, death is almost certain and painful, as the victim's entire body begins to rot under the damage the venom causes. The venom is most focused on humans; while an animal stung is unlikely to survive, the damage is far worse with humans than any other species. Demons are, in general, not immune to the venom of the Gharros, though two Gharros answering to the same Arch-Demon generally are immune to each others' venom.
112 +
113 +The demons have been known to use their venom to poison water supplies, food, and other items likely to be used by a large population in order to maximize the death toll from their attacks.
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1 +Slaughter
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1 +Lord of Slaughter
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1 +Gilrandree
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1 +10000
Primeval Demon
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