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Name Cerberus
Full Title

Warden of Imprisonment, Cursed Master of Hounds, Proprietor of Violence, Cursed Devil, Patron Demon of Hounds, Primordial Demon, Guardian of Hell, Champion of The Demogorgon, Arch-General of The Apocalypse, Cursed Conqueror of Hell, The Profane Arch-Beast Cerberus

Location of Essence Abaddon
Age of Sentience 3.4 billion years
Age as Greater Demon 1.15 billion years
Patron Demon Of Hounds
Number of Layers Ruled 5
5 Pit of Violence
Other Demons Owned 10169
845 Pit Demons (assuming full legions)
8658 Hell Hounds
666 Ghaunts



Cerberus is the undisputed guard of all of Hell and The Abyss.  It is a creature prone to fits of extreme violence when angered, especially when it has access to the mortal realm.  Perhaps more than any other demon, Cerberus is a destroyer, and if set free upon a mortal world, will simply destroy everything in its path until stopped.

Arch-Priest of The Demogorgon (Left Side)

Cerberus is the primary proponent of its god's more destructive half, its other titles almost universally focused on the downfall of mortality rather than their punishment.  Just as the Left Side of The Demogorgon views humans and other mortals as virtually worthless other than the stock of the demons' trade, Cerberus has no concern over the well-being of any mortal.

Master of Hounds

Cerberus is the master of the entire rank of Hell Hounds throughout Hell, though there is some uncertainty of command over the hyena-based Hell Hounds of Anubis.  While these Hounds clearly answer to Anubis and acknowledge it as their master, Cerberus claims these Hounds are actually its property, assigned to Anubis for its uses.  There is clear tension between the two over this rank of Hounds, though Cerberus has taken no act to secure its ownership of these Hounds.

The rest of the hounds, though, all bow before Cerberus, showing fealty to their three-headed master without question.  Cerberus is known for good treatment of its hounds, so long as they perform well in their duties.  Those who fail are simply and quickly destroyed.  The hounds are among the most respected of Common Demons, so there is no shortage of demons wanting into those ranks when those who fail to meet Cerberus' expectations are destroyed, so it sees no reason to show any leniency.

In addition to their primary duty of the guards of Hell, the Hounds are also a massive, deadly mercenary army of demons.  Virtually all high-ranking demons pay Cerberus for dozens of legions of Hell Hounds to aid in the defense of their pit and it is not unheard of for Cerberus to be summoned to the mortal world by an army who wants to hire a legion of Hell Hounds to fight at their side.  

Warden of Hell, Grand Custodian of The Abyss

The first and foremost job of Cerberus and the Hounds is to guard Hell, ensuring the mortals trapped within remain trapped.  While virtually all condemned mortals are powerless in Hell, a few powerful wizards manage to take some of their power with them, giving them some means of escape.  Furthermore, some particularly fool-hardy mortals actually break into Hell through breaches in the veil between the mortal realm and the underworld, either to attack a demon or break a soul out.  This duty extends both in Hell and The Abyss; while the two offices have different titles, they are both held by Cerberus and the Hounds work equally in Hell and The Abyss.

The Hell Hounds are constantly on patrol for either of these cases, attacking any mortal whose soul is out of place with brutal efficiency.  If they discover mortals and decide their purpose is attack of another demon, they generally stand down, allowing the demon to guard itself, unless it chooses to purchase their service from Cerberus.

Chaperone of The Demogorgon

Cerberus is, in name, the personal bodyguard of The Demogorgon, though this is far more a title of honor rather than a specific duty: The Demogorgon does not need a bodyguard in any way, any any creature which could actually harm the God of Demons would almost certainly be unphased by Cerberus, though if Cerberus faced the challenger with all of its legions of Hell Hounds, it could actually effectively defend The Demogorgon.

In fact, the title of honor is mainly used when The Demogorgon wants someone killed or abused and doesn't want to bother themselves with the attack: they will simply command Cerberus to do the dirty work for them as their Chaperone.

Lord Master Knight of the Unholy Beasts

On its own accord, Cerberus established a group of Arch-Demons as "Knighted Unholy Beasts" naming itself as their Lord Master.  These beasts have become invaluable in commanding the ever-growing armies of Hell Hounds owned by Cerberus, with every legion falling under one of the Beasts.  The Knights have become a terrible force in The Abyss, governed outside of the Demon Royalty, something which worried many of the Lords, who believe Cerberus could, at a whim, takeover all of Hell if it so desired, given the power it commands between the Beasts and the Hell Hounds.

General of The Apocalypse

One of Cerberus' main duties outside of ruling over the Hounds is as the General in charge of overseeing the destruction of entire worlds.  While most Apocalyptic events are commanded by one of the Demon Lords, they are doing so, at best, alongside Cerberus, if not under its command for the destruction.  


Cerberus appears as a massive female three-headed dog with a snake for a tail.  She walks on all fours, though even in that posture looks humans in their eyes, her body almost eight feet tall on all fours.  She is covered in a tan fur with her snake tail being a dark brown, nearly black.  Both the canine heads and snake head have red eyes which glow at times.


Cerberus is a violent, deadly demon which seems to live only to destroy.  While, with the massive army of Hell Hounds it commands, it could become a serious threat to the relative stability of The Abyss, as ruled by the Demon Royalty, it doesn't seem to actually want to rule per se, only to command its army.  

It is on very good terms with the demons it aligns with in terms of aspects: The Lord of Wrath, The Prince of Vengeance, The Prince of Murder as examples.  Like most of the Demon Supremacy, Cerberus shows clear favoritism to those demons it finds most appealing, often going so far as to assign some legions of Hell Hounds to those it wants to remain allied with at no cost.

Towards mortals, Cerberus is cruel and heartless.  It shows no compassion for mortality at all, viewing them as vermin.  Most contracts for mortals to employ Hell Hounds are not actually negotiated with Cerberus directly, but instead with Glabrezu, whom Cerberus trusts to negotiate on its behalf.

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