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Name Anubis
Full Title

Cursed Warden of Sacrifice, Cursed Judge of the Damned, Cursed Devil, Patron Demon of Jackals, Primordial Demon, Magistrate of Hell, Cursed Conqueror of Hell, The Loathsome Arch-Fiend Anubis, its unholiness

Location of Essence Infernum
Age of Sentience 2.23 billion years
Age as Greater Demon 1.15 billion years
Patron Demon Of Jackals
Number of Layers Ruled 0
Other Demons Owned 5994
3996 Hell Hounds
1998 Ghaunts



Anubis is a very powerful demon, serving directly under The Demogorgon, though in many ways it is the least demonic of the demons.  While it is not outwardly friendly to humanity, it is also not cruel without reason.  It is, quite simply, fair, almost to a fault, in all of its actions.  While all of the Arch-Demons are, for all intents and purposes, demi-gods, Anubis is far more frequently identified as a demi-god than a demon, even if it is clearly part of the demonic ranks.

Arch-Priest of The Demogorgon (Right Side)

Anubis is the Arch-Priest of the Demogorgon's Right Side, which is the side more focused on proper punishment of sinning mortals than on the furthering of the demonic ranks.  As such, Anubis represents that aspect of The Demogorgon to the rest of the demons.  Just as that aspect of its god, it is more focused on ensuring mortals are punished for their sins rather than encouraging sin in the mortals.

Demon Arch-Prince of Condemnation

Of all of the Demon Supremacy, Anubis represents the closest to the very thing which makes demons what they are: Damnation of mortals.  It is the Arch-Prince of Condemnation, the creature, more than any other, whose very existence is centered around the Damnation of mortals to Hell.  The flow of souls into Hell through Damnation is largely centered on Anubis and its actions, thus making every Duke of Hell somewhat in its debt.

Judge of The Damned

More than any other of the Arch-Demons, Anubis has its being split many ways: Hundreds of its bodies appear in courts throughout Limbo and it is among the first creatures every mortal soul damned to Hell encounters after their deaths.  These meetings are generally brief, the demon simply asking the mortal to explain themselves, to justify their actions or to at least show grief and guilt over their actions.  Judgement is rendered in a matter of moments and one of its Hell Hounds drags the soul into the appropriate pit.

While few mortals are released by Anubis, having been judged as falsely damned, it does both decide the length of their damnation and to which Duke they are given.  It clearly shows favoritism to those Dukes which it is on good terms with, sending them more souls to torment than those who anger it.

Chief Marshal of Hell

In addition to serving as the Judge of the Damned, Anubis also acts as the Marshal of Hell, ruling over countless legions of Hell Hounds responsible for transporting mortal souls through the Pits.  Unlike the better-known canine-like Hell Hounds of Cerberus, those belonging to Anubis are jackal-like.  While the primary duty of these Hounds is delivering the souls to their destinations, they are also responsible for ensuring the Dukes follow the commands of Anubis in their treatment of the souls, both appropriately tormenting them while held and releasing them once their sentence is complete.  The Dukes are allowed for some loss of the souls in their possession to being tormented to the point of destruction, and it is these marshal Hell-Hounds who also monitor these losses as well, reporting them back to Anubis.  A Duke who destroys too many souls will likely soon find itself getting fewer and fewer souls assigned to it by Anubis.

Supreme Inspector for The Demogorgon

As its direct service to The Demogorgon, Anubis serves as the gods' personal Inspector.  If The Demogorgon wishes any investigation done over any aspect of Hell, The Abyss, or even the Mortal Realm, the task falls on Anubis.  This is, in general, a fairly rare request, though it is not at all unheard of.  When The Demogorgon is considering bringing The Apocalypse to a world, often Anubis is the first demon assigned to determine if such an act is appropriate, both acting as Inspector, investigating the state of the world, and Judge, making the final decision, on behalf of The Demogorgon, whether to destroy the world or not.

Duke of the First Circle of Hell/Limbo

The First Circle of Hell is Limbo, where mortal souls await judgement.  It is a chaotic place with little order: when mortals arrive, they simply appear without any sort of command or direction.  They are held there until they make their way to one of Anubis' courts where they face the demon to be judged.  During that time, they are in its possession, not truly in Hell, though also not entirely detached from it either.


Anubis appears as a male anthropomorphic jackal around 10' in height.  Its skin is matte black covered in gold markings and it is entirely hairless, the slick black skin only broken by the markings.  Claws on both hands and feet are gold in color, as are its teeth.  It is, all things considered, among the least fierce of the demons in terms of its appearance, largely owing to its position which leave it more centered on the well-being of mortal souls than virtually any other demon.


While The Demon Supremacy are, in general, more bureaucratic than The Royalty or other demons, Anubis is as bureaucratic as they get.  It is neither friendly nor a abusive, it is simply a cold, unconcerned judge of those it encounters.  It shows favoritism to demons it judges to be "good demons" just as it grants "good souls" less (or no) torment at the hands of the demons.  There are those (demon and mortal alike) who would even go so far as to claim it lacks a personality and that it simply is a judge, everything about it being focused on that single role.

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