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202 202  = Unholy Beasts =
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204 204  The other ranking of Greater Demons are the Unholy Beasts. While the Fiends generally retain more or less humanoid forms, the Unholy Beasts eschew such forms for truly monstrous shapes, but this is only a superficial difference. Unholy Beasts have willingly stepped out of the constant wars between the Greater Demons over rule of Hell, instead simply wishing to exist as a demon, outside the combat. While they certainly hunger for personal power, their thirst for power is more focused on building their own strength rather than the strength of some area of The Abyss. The ultimate goal of the Unholy Beasts isn't, in general, rule over The Abyss, but rather Knighthood (though this isn't true for all Beasts, as some eventually become Arch-Demons). That being said, many of the Unholy Beasts have hundreds if not thousands of Hell Hounds who answer to their command, untied to any particular Layer of The Abyss.
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