This site is a work of fiction

All of the content on this site is a work of fiction.  While elements of many other mythologies (including both ancient and modern religions) are incorporated into the mythology, it is not intended to match any given set of beliefs.  There are places where the mythology actually closely follows one or more religions and other places where it deviates significantly.

I do not believe anything written here is actually true.  You shouldn't, either.

I do not actually worship demons.  While I'm not going to tell anyone what they should and shouldn't worship, more than likely, worshipping these demons wouldn't end well.

The characters described on this site are demons

They are Demons, in a very real way.  They represent things many cultures view as "evil" and do so unrepentantly.  They are murders, rapists, torturers and are generally foul, horrible individuals.  Demons are not, in general, pretty creatures, nor are the sort of creatures you would, in general, want to hang out with.  I'm not sugar-coating what they are on this site, which leads to some of the pages, especially descriptions of individual ArchDemons, being explicit in terms of the "foul" nature of the beasts.  I'm not doing this to glorify the more evil aspects of what they are, but instead to describe what such a rank of demons would actually be like, and it's not always pretty.

This site contains adult-oriented text and images

There is an aspect to demons which is inherently sexual, and it's not shied away from.  There is a Lord of Lust which has a Underlord of Defilement as one of its subjects.  Clearly in this area of the mythology, the entire aspect of the demons turns to very dark areas which are also very much adult-oriented.  Areas where it moves into sufficiently dark areas that could disturb readers (such as the Prince of Defilement) are behind warning cuts, but any given page may contain images NSFW: many of the demons are not in the least modest about covering themselves and I'm not sugar-coating that side of them either.

These demons have statistics

Over time, the named demons will begin to be shown with GURPS stats listed.  This is for two reasons:

  • Actually going through the effort of documenting a character's abilities in terms of formal stats actually aids my thought process on the beasts' natures.
  • I may actually inject these into some RP gaming and/or run a game specifically in this universe at some point.

If you are running a roll playing game and want to use any of these characters, be my guest.  You don't HAVE to tell me if you do, but I'd certainly prefer to know just out of my own interest.

This site contains placeholder art

I am working on securing proper art for all of the demons, but it's going to be a slow process.  Until then, some art is included as "placeholder" art until other art can be secured. 

Any art inside a red or yellow box is placeholder and, I admit, used without permission.  This art will be removed as soon as possible, even if just with a rough 3D render (which I can do myself) until I can get a "proper" artist to do better quality work.  Art within a grey box are 3D renders which I created but may be replaced with traditional artwork, and art within a white box is art I have either commissioned myself or otherwise have rights to display.  The banner at the head of every page is commissioned work of Gilrandree.

All non-placeholder art contains a link to the original artist's posting of the art and is copyright to that artist.

The banner shows Gilrandree in his throne and is Copyright (C) 2016, Jocarra, used with permission.

3-D Rendered Image Information

All 3-D rendered art was produced in DAZ-3D with purchased models.  Many (but not all) of the models were modified using ZBrush to alter their geometry to match the desired look of the beast.  The license on these models is for personal use only.

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This is a work of fiction intended as a collection of world-building notes.
Some content may be suitable for adults only.
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